How to avoid Distinct in OBIEE 11g Reports.


By default in OBIEE 11g repository, the distinct feature is enabled and reports doesn’t allowed duplicate records in reports level and it shows each record single time only.

But, some times Clients will asks about this kind of issues and the solution is below:

We have add one Unique ID column (any Id column) to the existing report from the same Subject Area to avoid/disable the Distinct feature which is enabled in Repository level in OBIEE 11g . It’s a default feature from Oracle and they are not supposed to give duplicates to the users in OBIEE 11g reports.  So, we have to disable the distinct feature manually if we need duplicates for any Single report in OBIEE 11g.


  1. Login into the Analytics URL and enter required username, password details.
  2. OPen one report wchich is having duplicates in Source level.
  3. Open Criteria tab, then expand Table  from same Subject Area, then drag the “Unique Id(Customer Trx Id)” column and drop it into before the existing report columns.
  4. If you want to hide the newly added column in the report, just right click on new column, select Column Properties–>Column Format–> Hide.
  5. Click on Results tab, select Table view under Views list available in left side pane. Then, click on Edit button to edit the Table view.
  6. Keep the “Unique IdCustomer Trx Id” column at first (By default, the column will be added at last of the columns list. Then we will move backward the column from one place to another.)
  7. Click on Done, then Click on Save.
  8. Now, see the report results and notice that there are duplicate records.

Have a nice time.. 🙂


Raghu Nagadasari



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