SmartView_INtegration: OBIEE Access OBIEE reports from MS Office (Excel)

This blog post explains how to connect to OBIEE11G Reports from Excel spreadsheet to analyze more with help of Excel native functionality.

I have a year-order Sales report in OBIEE catalog:


Connect to OBIEE from SmartView and insert this report in Excel spreadsheet. Once you imported the OBI Analysis view, you can use all native Excel features (e.g. Cell formatting, Text formatting, Excel functions like Sum,Avg, Min,Max and any other functions etc..).


If we apply any changes to OBI analysis in presentation services, the formats applied in spreadsheet retain same and just the data will be refreshed with respect to the OBI Analysis updates.

In following example I have applied a filter on year = 2008 in OBIEE presentation services.


Now in Excel, The formats are retained the same, but just data is limited to year 2008, since there is a filter in OBIEE Analysis. (If data is not changed immediately, just click the refresh button available in Excel toolbar ribbon)



Raghu Nagadasari


About raghunagadasari

Working with a MNC on BI Applications 7.9.6x, OBIA Having work exp on EBS, Oracle Apps, ODI, Informatica, OBIEE, Pl/sql,
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